Jon Hall visits Venice

Street Artist Jon Hall took a drive up to Venice Beach the other night to put up some of his art, and came across a couple that have been homeless for 7 years, and have are still married! They shared their story with Jon and Tony. It’s an amazing one,

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Jon Hall visits New York

Jon Hall take’s a trip New York with good friend Tony Adams. Jon went out there to share the word of God and to do some street art. Here is a short film of the trip they took to New York, check out some amazing testimony’s at the end! ¬†

Tyler Evans shares his Testimony

Tyler Evans ( Supercross Athlete) share his Testimony with our ¬†Grock member Jon Hall in New york during a trip to help spread the good word to kids on the street in Harlem, and trying to show them there’s a different way of living.
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