G rock  music & sports television can be seen around the world via broadcast television, satellite television and cable television into 100’s of millions of homes on the planet.

Watch G rock on TV 11am and 10pm PST  every Tues & Thurs HERE


TBN : 180 million homes in 88 countries outside the US

JCTV : 50 milion US homes. Tues & Thurs 11am & 10pm.

Skyangel Network: Dish TV covering all North America, 50 million homes

Love World TV: Sattelite network Middle East, Asia, & Russia to 30 million homes

CNL TV Russian TV105 countries, 325 cable station 150 million homes

USA Armed Forces TV: All U.S. soldiers worldwide 200 countries 6 million soldiers

G-Rock internet TV Network:  Intergalactic world wide TV network www.grock.com